Why you should use CRM software?

by Jodi

You are probably asking yourself: "why you should use CRM software?". CRM means customer relationship management is a fantastic solution for you to manage and organize your company. This is complete database system that covers leads, customers, and projects. If you are worried about losing the information or getting data stolen, trust me that you are completely safe. CRM tool holds safely stored data usually on a highly secure server or on the cloud.

Lead tracking.

You can, for example, fill the contact form which is connected with your landing page and when your business gets a new lead it will be automatically added to the CRM, You can also track prospects.

Reports for employee productivity and business growth

CRMs can also create all types of reports, which can provide for example the productivity of the certain sales representative during a certain period of time.


You can set up automatic reports and even automatic emails, such as automated drip campaigns or “Thank you” emails that get sent immediately after someone has filled out a contact form on your website.

Create marketing lists

The marketing lists can be used for email marketing, traditional email marketing, and sales phone calls.

Import and export leads and contacts

You can easily add or extract data from CRMs by use of importing/exporting CSV excel sheets.

Research different software that is fitting with your budget and try free demos before you decide which of the CRM’s is most suitable for your business.

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