5 important tips for the Digital Nomad Bloggers

by Jodi

Digital Nomad usually has his own digital nomad blog and is a professional who works and travels simultaneously for a living. Digital Nomads are usually working remotely and they extremely value their freedom and independence. This profession became very popular in the world and many top notch professionals have decided to leave permanent office jobs and start all over again. If you have decided to change your life, get your freedom again and be independent professional in another word to become Digital Nomad Blogger the below are some tips for you:

  1. Choose your audience and develop your writing style which would be suitable to your audience as your aim is that your audience read your articles. You should know to whom you are writing and who will read your articles.
  2. Stand out from others. Be unique. When you are visiting a city or a country what I have noticed is that many of them are just staying in the city center. You could actually search for those hidden places that as a tourist you could rarely see if you are only focused on the city center.
  3. Create short videos – not more than 15 minutes videos about cities you are visiting
  4. Join to the different groups on the Facebook and read about their experiences. This could motivate your creativity and also you could get some great tips for your next travel.
  5. You should also beside blogging work and provide your services remotely. So your focus also should be on that as well.

If you don't have yet your own DN blog it is time for you create one. Once you create it you have to promote your content on the different social media platforms. You should be active on the Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and I would highly recommend LinkedIn as well. The more social media presence you have, the more followers you will have.


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